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Ugliest Shot in the NBA – Worst Shooting Forms in NBA History

Ugliest Shot in the NBA – Worst Shooting Forms in NBA History

Just when people (us included) were starting to get uppity about the dominance of Kevin Durant, LeBron James goes out and hangs 61 on the Bobcats. More than just a massive number, James demonstrated his mastery of the jump shot with some silky smooth three-point shooting, going 8/10 from behind the arc and simultaneously inspiring a generation of young painters to take up the brush.

[sc:NBA240banner ]It’s not all so beautiful. For every LeBron or Ray Allen, there is a Shawn Marion. Thankfully, it’s hilarious to watch these guys chuck up these horrendous efforts night after night. Thus, to provide some contrast to LeBron’s suave display, we present some of the ugliest shots the game has ever seen.

9 Players with the Ugliest Shots in NBA Basketball History

1. Andris Biedrins

Andris Biedrins’ free throw style harkens the over-exuberance of a toddler on a sugar high. Averaging half a point a game, the Latvian’s career free throw percentage (50%) actually gives Biedrins too much credit: in the last four seasons, it’s more like 30%. Gross.

2. Chuck Hayes

Not unlike Charles Barkley’s infamous hiccuping golf swing, Chuck Hayes’ free throw delivery involves a hesitation that you could drive a bus through.

3. Shawn Marion

No list of ugly shooters would be complete without the legendary Shawn Marion. How in the world his shots ever find the bottom of the net with his shoot-from-the-teeth style remains one of the world’s great unsolved mysteries.

4. Joakim Noah

Joakim Noah’s two-handed sidewinder has helped him earn his way to two NBA All-Star Games. Adding even even more swag to Noah’s ugly efforts is the fact Joakim has been quoted as saying his shot is so ugly that it’s demoralizing to opponents.

5. Marcus Camby

You would rather have your life depend on the playoff chances of the Milwaukee Bucks than on Camby’s jumpers.

6. Don Nelson

Nelson is the winningest coach in the history of the NBA but he might also hold the record for most enjoyable free throw. The single hand. The joyful prance. The freedom.

7. Ronnie Brewer

Like Vincent Van Gogh’s paintings, Brewer’s release is for another generation to appreciate.

8. Jamaal Wilkes

Perhaps the winner for most creative approach to a very technical task, Jamaal Wilkes’ free throws were slow, deliberate, and some of the wildest ever.

9. Rick Barry

It goes without saying that Rick Barry’s legendary underhand shot puts the rest of this list to shame. Not only was it ridiculous to watch, but it was incredibly efficient: in 794 career games, Barry shot 90% from the line with his patented between-the-legs style, good for third all time.

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