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Will the 2020 Summer Olympics be Cancelled? What Vegas Odds Have to Say

Will the 2020 Summer Olympics be Cancelled? What Vegas Odds Have to Say

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reports that influenza (the flu) claims the lives of approximately 61,000 mainland Americans each and every year. That’s nearly the population of Jackson City Tennessee.

The global scale of the coronavirus doesn’t come close – not even by a little. Yes, it’s absolutely serious and all steps must be taken to contain it, but the media is fueling the fire more than the flu bug itself. As a result the world is on edge with flights, cruises, conferences, trade shows, and other gatherings being cancelled or postponed. The sporting world is no different, and all eyes are on the 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo – which is 1,509 miles from ground zero in China.

At press, the Olympic Soccer qualifiers have moved from China to Sydney Australia. In addition, the Women’s Olympic Basketball qualifying tournament has been relocated from China to Serbia – a place known as being the true (vs Transylvania) home of vampires, and Novak Djokovic.

Everything above has the world pondering – will the 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo be postponed, relocated, closed to the public, or outright cancelled? In true Vegas form, sportsbooks are beginning to release odds on whether or not these scenarios will see fruition. Call it crass if you like, but if it’s a global event for which people are pondering an outcome – odds will be created. Here they are.

Vegas Odds on Whether or Not the 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo Will Be Postponed, Relocated, or Cancelled

When: July 24 – August 9 2020

Where: Tokyo, Japan


Will the Olympic Games Start Date Be Postponed?

YES (-300) / NO (+220)

This is based on a start date of July 24, 2020. If there is to be any adjustment in the 2020 Summer Olympics, this is the most likely one. In this writer’s opinion it feels like a pretty safe bet.

Will the Olympic Games Be Completed on Schedule?

YES (-280) / NO (+200)

This is based on a closing ceremony date of August 9, 2020. Many think this is a more plausible bet in favor of “YES”. All it may take is one health scare to have Olympic Committee officials postpone a single event which could reverberate to the closing ceremony.

Will the 2020 Olympic Games Be Relocated?

NO (-1000) / YES (+600)

Can’t see an outright relocation being a possibility. That said, if there are health concerns in key areas, specific competitions may be moved for precaution. This prop does not relate to those that are technically held away from Japan’s capital city of Tokyo. For example, the contest site for Olympic surfing (a new addition to the Summer Olympics) will be Shidashita Beach, or “Shida,” which is located approximately 40 miles outside of Tokyo in Chiba.

Non-Actionable Odds (“friendly” wagers)

Odds any U.S. Olympic athlete refuses to travel to Tokyo to compete – 2/1

Odds any NBA player refuses to travel to Tokyo to compete – EVEN

Odds any indoor event will be closed to the public due to health concerns – 2/1

*Stay tuned for further updates to 2020 Summer Olympics props and prop bets. In the meantime, click the link below to register and make your wagers on the Games of the XXXII Olympiad.

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