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  • You must be logged in to wager. Please login with your account username and password.
  • Tracks with upcoming races are displayed on the page, just click a track to view the available races to wager on.
  • If you wish instead to search for a track, you may use the search field to type in a track name.
  • Select a race number from the track display to view the entries and morning odds for the race. If more than one date is displayed for the track, you may choose a date to see the available races for that date.
  • Choose a wager type such as STRAIGHT, EXACTA, TRIFECTA or any of the other available wager types. If you are new to horse betting, you may wish to visit our Wager Types page which explains the different bet types available.
  • After choosing a bet type you may enter wager amounts in the fields provided and click the button ADD TO BET SLIP. You may add several wagers to your bet slip if desired. The bet slip will now display your wagers you have added.
  • If you wish to remove a wager(s) from your bet slip you may use the ”X” or “Remove all bets” options on the bet slip.
  • When you are ready to submit all wagers on your bet slip, click the [Submit all bets] button on the bet slip. Please review all wagers on your slip before submitting them.
  • After submitting, the bet slip area will show you a confirmation of your wagers if accepted.


  • Click the MY ACCOUNT tab of the bet slip to view the options presented. You may click on any of the three options described below.
  • VIEW ACTIVE BETS option will show you wagers you have made, but that haven’t been graded yet. Once the race is over and the track has finalized payouts, you may see the outcomes of those wagers using the VIEW FINAL BETS option.
  • VIEW FINAL BETS option will show you your finalized wagers details including the bet amount (risk), payout amount (return), and your profit or loss (net).
  • VIEW RACE RESULTS allows you to select a date to see results. A list of tracks and their race numbers will appear for the date selected, just click on a race number to view the race result.


At, we have several resources to help you with your horse betting experience. We have the following information sections for you:
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