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2017-18 NBA Championship Futures Odds Update

2017-18 NBA Championship Futures Odds Update


We just saw the Golden State Warriors steamroll their way for another championship – their second in three years. Is there a team really capable of slowing down the mighty squad?

Let’s see from our first odds update for the 2017-18 season. Read on!

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2017-18 NBA Championship Odds Update

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Favorites: Golden State Warriors (-250), Cleveland Cavaliers (+300), and San Antonio Spurs (+1,200)

It’s not earth-shattering news to name these three as the favorites. They are on a whole ‘nother level when compared to the other 27 teams, be it offense or defense.

For the world champion Warriors, they arguably possess the best shooting and passing skill the league has ever seen. You’ve got Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson only needing an ounce of daylight to splash an automatic bucket, Draymond Green clogging the lane on defense and wisely making that extra pass on offense, and reigning finals MVP Kevin Durant doing all of those things as well.

Key stat from the Warriors’ 2016-17 season: led the league in points, field goal shooting, assists, steals, and blocks

The Cavaliers, meanwhile, will still have their big three… or will they? Kevin Love looks to be the odd man out, but Love or no Love, as long as LeBron James is leading his crew the way he always does, the Cavs can be expected to keep ruling the East. James and Kyrie Irving’s scoring and leadership, along with the list of shooters they have is unstoppable to almost everyone in the league.

Key stat from the Cavaliers’ 2016-17 season: ranked inside the top five in points, field goal shooting, threes, and three-point shooting.

As for the Spurs, they should again be the most balanced team in the NBA, even without Manu Ginobili and Tony Parker being another year older. Kawhi Leonard, who unfortunately got his season cut short during the Western Conference Finals (ankle), is poised to remain as the league’s best-two way player. He is surrounded by a good supporting cast, which under coach Gregg Poppovich’s guidance, is a very underrated unit.

Key stat from the Spurs’ 2016-17 season: ranked inside the top nine in points allowed, offensive efficiency, and defensive efficiency.

Sleepers: Houston Rockets (+2,500) and Boston Celtics (+1,500)

The Rockets are a good sleeper because of their high-octane offense – a big requirement in today’s game. They have James Harden, one of the NBA’s most elite scorers and facilitators, and a supporting cast that has outside shooting for days and muscle for hustle plays and interior rebounding.

The Celtics are the same, although they are more balanced. Under Brad Stevens’s system and the core of Isaiah Thomas, Avery Bradley, Jae Crowder, and Al Horford, the Cs are able to distribute the ball well, attack opponents on various angles, and also be effective on the defensive end.

Long Shot: Los Angeles Clippers (+2,500)

If you follow the NBA and the Clipps, you would know that this is a fall from grace. After a string of meltdowns and early playoff exits, “Long shot” is the best label they can have.

Make no mistake about it, though. Chris Paul is STILL an elite point guard, and the team is still capable of being destructive on defense.

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