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2017 NBA Draft Betting Props and Trade Predictions

2017 NBA Draft Betting Props and Trade Predictions


The 2017 NBA Draft has finally arrived and you can make the night even more exciting! TopBet has released four brand new prop bets on the day of the draft that you can take advantage of. The alluring names on the draft board are definitely worth keeping on eye on. However, you’ll definitely also want to keep an open mind because most picks are up for grabs and a lot of teams are looking to swindle some deals before Adam Silver hits the main stage.

Here are TopBet’s NBA Draft Props and Trade Predictions. Don’t believe us, well check with pros in our 2017 NBA Draft Expert Picks and Predictions.

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2017 NBA Draft Props

WHO WILL BE DRAFTED FIRST: Malik Monk (-200) vs Lauri Markkanen (+150)

Not only will Malik Monk have the greatest name in basketball, it’s well believed that he will go off the board first by most. However, according to DraftExpress, Markkanen will likely go to the Timberwolves, while Monk heads to New York.

TopBet News Prediction: Knicks trade Kristaps to the T-Wolves for their pick and more. They clear salary and draft KP 2.0 in Markkanen.

WHO WILL BE DRAFTED FIRST: Josh Jackson (-300) vs DeAaron Fox (+200)

Josh Jackson is slated to go off the board first to the Phoenix Suns. They’re set for a point guard and could use a three man, so this one is almost unanimous throughout the online world.

TopBet News Prediction: The story goes as it’s predicted, JJ to Phoenix at number four.

OVER/UNDER DRAFT POSITION: Jonathan Isaac at 6.5 (Over +140) or (Under -180)

The Seminole three-four man fits perfectly with the Orlando Magic. That’s kind of all there is to it. Isaac and Aaron Gordon could be a deadly pair of big men in a year or two. This, among many more reasons, is why we think he’s staying in Florida.

TopBet News Prediction: Read above

OVER/UNDER DRAFT POSITION: Dennis Smith at 8.5 (Over -130) or (Under EVEN)

Unless the Knicks decide to with a replacement for Derrick Rose on draft night, we don’t see them shying away from a big man. In other words, Dennis Smith should fall to the 9-spot and head to Dallas. The Mavs could use the freshman out of NC State in a variety of ways with their up-and-coming offense.

TopBet News Prediction: We agree with DraftExpress that he’s heading to Big D

2017 NBA Draft TB News Trade Predictions

New York Knicks and Minnesota Timberwolves make a swap

As mentioned above, the Knicks move their Euro-star Kristaps Porzingis and their 8th overall selection to Minnesota for the 7th overall selection and a few throw-ins. This way, the Knicks clear out a player that wants out of the system for a player that’s pretty much the exact same but cheaper – Lauri Markkanen.

PG13 gets his wish and moves to Los Angeles

It’s no secret that Paul George wants to move to greener pastures (or sun burnt and dead beige colored pastures) and he will get his chance about an hour into the draft. The Sacramento Kings will move their 10th selection in a three-way trade with the Lakers and Pacers.

It was reported that the Kings turned down a deal for LA’s second overall pick as part of a three-way, but their tenth will be expendable on Thursday night. The Kings move their pick and receive the Lakers 2014 first round selection Julius Randle, the Pacers take the pick and move Paul George to the Lakers. Pretty sure the Pacers will also get another throw-in player.

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