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5 Bold Predictions for the 2014 MLB Season

5 Bold Predictions for the 2014 MLB Season

It’s time to pull out the crystal ball and look into the  2014 MLB season.

With expiring contracts and a pool of young talent declaring for the draft, teams are paying attention to the possibilities of a bright future ahead. Teams are on the rise, teams are on the decline, and plenty of changes are in store for the game of baseball.

5 Bold Predictions for Next Year in MLB:


1.       Astros will make run to wild card after drafting Carlos Rodon

Had he been draft-eligible this year, Carlos Rodon would have been a top-three pick in the draft.

He’s dominated ever since he came onto campus.

Rodon is a power pitcher, with a fastball reaching 97-98 mph. Since the Astros could use basically anyone who can make an impact on the roster, and Rodon will help them to compete in the wildcard.

The Astros will be interesting and will likely have more chances to win with their number-one pick. 


2.       Byron Buxton will win Rookie of The Year

Byron Buxton has emerged as the consensus top prospect in baseball thanks to an incredible season in the minor leagues.

The Twins got themselves a diamond in the rough, and will likely put him now in the majors next year.

Buxton is already a top prospect at this time. He can improve the offense of this middling franchise and quickly make an impact on the Twins fielding. His impact could lead to a race to the wild card round, putting him in the running for Rookie of the Year honors.


3.       Tim Lincecum will sign with the Nationals

San Francisco Giants star Tim Lincecum is coming off the crowning achievement of his career: a no-hitter against the San Diego Padres. Despite that, his name has been swirling around in the trade rumor mill.

“The Freak” has been rumored to be going to the Tigers, but the Tigers see him as a reliever. Lincecum has no desire to be a closer, making it difficult for the Giants to trade him.

Expect the two-time Cy Young winner to stick with the Giants for the rest of the season. Then, he will choose to bolt from San Francisco and join the Nationals. As a No. 4 starter he wouldn’t be under much pressure, and if he can return to form he would make the Nationals rotation nothing short of amazing. 


4.       Shin-Soo Choo will sign with Yankees

Shin-Soo Choo has successfully transitioned to become center fielder for the Cincinnati Reds. As he helped the Reds’ offense improve so dramatically, he will be getting tons of offers.

Enter the Yankees.

With their center fielder Curtis Granderson be on his way out, Choo would replace spot at center field and would give the team a high on-base bat with a good combination of power and speed.

The Yankees main focus is to always get the best players possible, and they would do that by re-signing fellow 2014 free agent Robinson Cano, and adding the Korean sensation.


5.       Yasiel Puig will be an all-star

After getting snubbed from the all-star game this year, watch out for Yasiel Puig to make it to the event this year.

Although he has been quiet lately (due to opponents scouting better on him), the Cuban sensation showed his potential as a star and power contributor for the Dodgers after his historical first month.

Puig will continue his productive rookie year with the Dodgers, and after blossoming in the middle of “Puigmania,” he showed that he can shine under the bright lights.

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