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Breaking Bad Finale Odds & Predictions – Walter White’s Return in ‘Felina’

Breaking Bad Finale Odds & Predictions – Walter White’s Return in ‘Felina’

The Heisenberg empire ends this week and we know there’s an M60 machine gun and vial of poison involved. What’s his plan? Who is going to be Walt’s next victim?

Predictions and Faux Odds for the Breaking Bad Finale: Felina

Airing September 29, 2013, the world will be watching worlds of good, bad, and straight-up nasty evil collide as Walter White returns to Albuquerque.  Some people might be watching the episode hoping for redemption, others hoping for justice to reign, others in exasperation of bloodshed.

Here at Top Bet we’re in the business of building predictions and using evidence to build some odds to help you know what will happen next. While we’re not offering lines for the show, our team used our magic 8-ball to predict the future of Heisenberg & posse.

Here’s what we know going into the Breaking Bad Finale

  • Walt’s family is taking the hit that Saul Goodman predicted and their lives have changed drastically because of Walt’s Breaking Bad ways
  • Jesse is screwed: he already was a slave that’s cooking for people he despises more than Walt and now had to watch the only person he loves get shot
  • The only people who care about whereabouts of Walt are DEA agents
  • Walt has yet to ever directly say that he was not responsible for Hank’s death, even though it was Uncle Jack who caused the bloodshed
  • Uncle Jack and his White Supremacist Gang live on a secured compound and while they’re vicious and prone to kill anyone in their way, Uncle Jack also feels they could easily lie low thanks to all the money they stole
  • Walt hates Gretchen and Elliott Schwartz more than ever and considering they were a huge motivator for his first foray into the land of blue, seeing them on Charlie Rose may set a fire under his ass that no one will be ready for…
  • They (Gretchen and Elliott Schwartz ) believe that the Walt they once knew is dead and that only Heisenberg lives, and perhaps is still cooking meaning Heisenberg will be considered armed, dangerous, and evil
  • Baby faced psychopath Todd has a thing for paranoid Lydia. At this point, she is Walt’s only guaranteed connection to find out where the gang currently resides (and cooks!)
  • Todd threatened Skyler and Holly… what happens when Walt finds out?
  • Heisenberg leaves the family home with his favorite weapon in-tow: a vial of ricin
  • The neighbor knows he’s back in town, so we should expect the entire world to know and collapse around Walt in the finale, not to forget his aggravated cancer


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Vince Gilligan has done an amazing job of weaving the Jekyll and Hyde story of Walter White and Heisenberg across 60 episodes so far. So much so that as you can see above, there’s still way too many ways to guess how this series will come to a close. Hell, we don’t even know whether Walt will be a hero or villain once the dust settles.

What’s your take on what will happen? Join the conversation on the Top Bet Facebook and Google Plus page and tell us.

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