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Donald Trump’s Favorite NFL Football Team – January 2017

Donald Trump’s Favorite NFL Football Team – January 2017

Donald Trump is a man of diverse interests. Among the stuff he likes are massive infrastructures, abrasive commentaries, and…uhm…seizing the female uhm..well you know. That’s just the Trump we’ve all fallen in love with so much that we’ve given him the American presidency.

Another thing that Trump likes is football. Oh yeah. Mr. Trump is head over heels about football despite recently commenting that the sport has gone “soft”. In fact, he regularly takes time away from composing vile speeches to tweet something regarding the sport and the NFL teams he’s supporting. Here are some of those love interests in further detail.

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NFL Teams that Donald Trump Loves

Buffalo Bills

Before Trump scared the bejesus out of an entire nation by announcing his intent to run for presidency, the business tycoon once aspired to own an NFL team. This was in 2014, when the Bills were up for sale and groups and personalities—including Trump—with gazillions of dollars to spare were bidding to buy the franchise. Trump ultimately lost to Buffalo Sabres owner Terry Pegula, which must be a sigh of relief for Buffalo fans because nothing will come out good from a team owned by Trump and coached by the Ryan brothers, right? The city of Buffalo was also against renaming the team the Trumpalo Trump Trump Trumps.

New York Jets

The president-elect has said a lot of ugly stuff in the past that it’s easy to forget all of them. So here, we are reminding you that one time when Trump tweeted this:

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We strongly believe that if Trump ever repeated saying this again, it should be ground for impeachment. Oh, hey, by the way, we have a prop for that.

New England Patriots

It’s no secret that Trump and Tom Brady are friends with each other. Same goes with Bill Belichick. In fact, during Trump’s presidential campaign, he read to a crowd Belichick’s letter that expressed the Patriots’ admiration of Trump’s overcoming of everything negative the media had thrown at him at the time. No word yet whether there was a secretly recorded video of Hillary Clinton’s campaign planning attached to the letter.  The Pats, by the way, are +175 to win the Super Bowl this February.

Dallas Cowboys

We couldn’t find any definite proof that Trump is a Cowboys fan, but we like to think that if you dig deep inside him, you’ll see that he roots for America’s team.  That despite once saying “only a loser can buy the Dallas Cowboys”. He told that to CBS Sports way back in 1984, which is really a very long time ago. Tony Romo was just four-years old then and had completely no idea he’d one day do this.

A lot has happened since for Dallas like winning a few Super Bowls and becoming a mainstream fixture in pro sports—accomplishments and qualities that someone like Trump, who prides himself as being a “winner” could definitely associate with.

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