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Eli Manning Predictions for 2013-2014

Eli Manning Predictions for 2013-2014

Just two years removed from their second Super Bowl triumph, the New York Giants find themselves 0-5 to start the 2013 season. This is the Giants’ first 0-5 start since the 1987 strike-interrupted season and it is their worst start in a non-strike year since 1979.

As much as Tom Coughlin would like to deflect the blame, a heavy burden must be placed in the hands of Eli Manning, whose performance has dropped precipitously from previous years.

Moving forward, what does the future hold for Eli as the Giants’ disappointing season unfolds?

2013-14 Predictions for Eli Manning and Giants Fans

Will Giants Fans Boo Eli?

Eli Manning has been abysmal thus far this season. He’s currently the league leader in interceptions with 12 and his 53.7% pass completion and 65.8 QB rating are the lowest they’ve been since his first full year as a starter.

Giants fans weren’t shy in expressing their frustrations with Eli’s poor play vocally in the past. But two Super Bowl rings later, are they still allowed to do so?

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Will Eli’s Consecutive Starts Streak End?

Much like his brother, Eli Manning is an NFL Iron Man. Since taking over at starting quarterback for Kurt Warner during his rookie year, Eli has never missed a start in his NFL career. Manning has played 151 consecutive regular season and playoffs games; for quarterbacks, he’s first among active streaks and third all-time behind his brother and Brett Favre.

With the Giants now 0-5, their playoff hopes are all but fading. But if push comes to shove and Tom Coughlin’s neck is on the line, is he willing to sacrifice the incredible, hard-earned record of his two-time Super Bowl-winning quarterback in order to win some games and maybe save his job?

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Will Eli Go Over/Under Peyton’s Interception Record?

Eli Manning has been compared to his brother for basically his entire career. That comparison has re-emerged this season with the siblings’ contrasting fortunes. Peyton may edge his little bro in most statistics, but Eli still has one more Super Bowl ring.

With 12 interceptions already in 5 games, Eli is on pace to throw 38 interceptions this year. Incidentally, Peyton’s record for most picks is 28, which he famously set in his rookie season.

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