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NFL Survivor Pool Picks Week 3 – Tips, Advice, and Who to Avoid

NFL Survivor Pool Picks Week 3 – Tips, Advice, and Who to Avoid

You’ve brushed up on your NFL Survivor Pool contest strategy but simply don’t have the time to thoroughly research your Survivor pick this week. No problem – we’ve got you covered. Have a look at a pair of teams that our TB News crew feels are good picks, along with which teams to avoid for Week 3 of this wild 2020 season. Good luck!

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NFL Survivor Pool Week 3 Picks

“The Lesser of Two Evils”

Jaguars (1-1) vs Dolphins (0-2), Thursday

Opening line: Jaguars, -2.5 points

You might never find a better spot to pick the Jags, and many people avoid choosing a pick from  a Thursday game.  The Dolphins are atrocious.  The Jags are not as atrocious. If you’re feeling frisky, want a low-ownership team, and want to save the powerhouses for later on, take a stab with Jacksonville this week.  Plus… Minshew mania!

Bet on the Jacksonville Jaguars

“Healthy Cam”

Patriots (1-1) vs Raiders (2-0),

Opening line: Patriots, -5.5 points

Let’s take a shot on the Patriots early in the year when Cam Newton is still healthy.  If you watched the end of the Week 2 Seahawks / Patriots epic tilt, you saw Cam get squashed at the goal line to seal the win for Seattle.  We will confidently refer you to the first 59 minutes of that game and the 3 previous goal-line trips by Superman, all of which were wildly successful. Unless DK Metcalf gets traded to the Silver & Black midweek, we’re pretty sure there is nobody in the Raiders’ WR corps to challenge Stephon Gilmore.

bet on the new england patriots

NFL Survivor Pool Week 3 Advice: Who to Avoid

“Cute / Not Cute”

Ravens (2-0) vs Chiefs (2-0), Monday

Opening line: Ravens, -3.0 points

It should be said that we like “against the grain” picks in general, but this is too much.  Avoid both teams and save them for later in the season when you are going for the jugular.  Don’t be cute here.

“Steeltown Surprise”

Steelers (2-0) vs Texans (0-2),

Opening line: Steelers, -6.0 points

Let’s avoid Pittsburgh this week, who struggled to a narrow victory over the Jeff Driskel-led Donkeys last week.  The Pittsburgh pass rush is for real, but that may just serve to get DeShaun Watson on the move, where he excels at making good defenses look silly.  If Houston gets up early, the Steelers may have trouble moving the ball on the ground and protecting Big Ben, as the right side of their O-Line is decimated by injury.  We’re not predicting a Texans victory here, but the danger is real.

Good luck this week, and check back next week for more Survivor Picks & Avoids!

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