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Printable Super Bowl 50 Squares and How To Guide

Printable Super Bowl 50 Squares and How To Guide

Who’s going to win Super Bowl 50? “Carolina!” (<– this writer’s opinion)

That’s what I instantly responded to that question with one week ago. The more I think about it now though, the more antsy and unsure I become. I’m filled with thoughts of regret, denial and hunger (based on all of the energy consumed thinking of who’s going to win). So what’s the answer?


If I’m unsure of who will take the cake, how do I still get in on the action!?

Super Bowl Squares is the answer! It’s not a one player game though, that’s the catch. It’s an ‘all-play’ kind of tilt. So if you’re heading to the bar, a party, or just into any random room with a ton of people, print and bring this bracket along.

Have you printed it? Great! Now read ahead for how it works!

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Printable Super Bowl 50 Squares and How to Guide

#1. How it works

The most common game with this board, is ‘By the Quarter’. In other words, you’ll have a prize given out for the winner of each quarter, half, and final score at the end of the game. Say, for example, that my name went in the very top left square. I have a 4 for Carolina and a 9 for Denver. These numbers represent the end number on each team’s score at the end of each quarter, half and the final score.

So, if the Panthers lead the Broncos 24-9 at the end of the first quarter, I win that quarter. If that’s the final score, I win the game. So once names are randomly drawn and assigned to squares, the last number in each teams score at the end of the quarters will determine who wins.

Need one more example? Okay. If I got the very bottom right square – Panthers 8, Broncos 2 – I’d win if the score ended 28-22 at the half. However, if the score ended 27-25, I wouldn’t win. Remember, it’s not about the first number, it’s the last number in each team’s score that determines winners.

#2. Print the SB50 Squares board

Now that you’ve printed off the board, you’ll notice that there are 100 blank squares staring you in the face. You’ll be entering randomly drawn names into these squares.

#3. Round up the troops and SELL, SELL, SELL!

If you can find 100 people – beautiful! If not, just get as many as you can. You now have two options. You can sell each person a square(s) OR you can set a price tag on each square and people can bid (also fun – more time consuming though).

#4. Randomize or Auction!

Set a rate for each square, take people’s money, write down their name and then randomly select each name out of a hat to delegate them to a square. That person now has those numbers to watch and cheer for throughout the game.

If you chose the auction option, set the prices for each box and find yourself some bidders. The squares can be bought for X dollars and the money can be delegated any way you see fit. Keep in mind, people can typically buy multiple squares, unless you’ve found 100 people on the dot. If you have, nice work – that’s not easy to do!

Alright, that does it for the game description. Here’s some easy math to save you time if you’d like.

100 squares x $10 per square = $1000

First quarter score winner = $100

Second quarter score winner = $100

Halftime score winner = $200

Third quarter score winner = $100

Final score winner = $500

Have fun, be safe and don’t annoy the neighbors. Enjoy your new Super Bowl 50 Squares board courtesy of your friends at TopBet.

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Written by Ryan

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