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Super Bowl 51 – Falcons vs Patriots – Betting Trends and Update – February 1, 2017

Super Bowl 51 – Falcons vs Patriots – Betting Trends and Update – February 1, 2017

Wondering what the betting trends are just days ahead of Super Bowl 51? Well, wonder no more. Here’s a quick peak at how the public are voting for the money line, the point spread, and the over/under for the big game between the Falcons and the Patriots.

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Super Bowl 51 Betting Trends and Update – February 1, 2017

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Money Line: Falcons – 62%; Patriots – 38%

The Falcons are getting a significant chunk of the money line bets over the Patriots at the moment. This could be because casual bettors usually bet on the underdogs, which the Falcons are, since that’ll get the bigger return. A $20 bet on the Falcons at +145, which are their current odds, would win you $29. In contrast, betting $20 on the Pats at -165 would win only $12.12.

The wave of Falcons bets could also be because of the trend that the Super Bowl underdogs have won straight up in six out of the last eight times.

Point Spread: Falcons – 47%; Patriots – 53%

In the point spread, however, it’s the Pats – the 3-point favorites in the game – who have the slight edge. The Falcons may have more people betting on them to win in the money line, but most of the bettors who believe the Pats are going to win the Super Bowl will likely bet on the spread, which has much better value. Betting $20 on the Pats at -3 (-120) would yield $16.66, over 25 percent more than betting on their money line would.

Over/Under: Over 60%; Under – 40%

The over/under for this game is 59.5, which is a Super Bowl record, but apparently that hasn’t deterred bettors from banging the over. That shouldn’t be too surprising given how great both offenses are and how mediocre both defenses have looked for most of the season. Most casual fans are expecting an exciting, high-scoring Super Bowl, and let’s hope they’re right.

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