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Super Bowl 51 – Falcons vs Patriots – Betting Trends and Update – February 5, 2017

Super Bowl 51 – Falcons vs Patriots – Betting Trends and Update – February 5, 2017

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Super Bowl 51 Betting Trends and Update – February 5, 2017

Here are the latest betting trends at as of 5:30 pm ET on Saturday Feb 6, 2017

MONEYLINE: Patriots – 29%; Falcons – 71% 

As of February 4 – Patriots – 22%; Falcons – 78% 

This biggest jump of the main three bets is right here in the money. All week long the Falcons have been leading the way, but as of this morning, people are starting to remember that they’re playing the Patriots. There’s a reason they’ve been in the show seven times. Tom Brady is an absolute stud – that’s why. So, while we all love the Atlanta offense, let’s not forget who they’re messing with. A seven percent change is pretty massive over night. Watch for a shootout tonight in Houston!

POINT SPREAD: Patriots – 60%; Falcons – 40%

As of February 4 – Patriots – 62%; Falcons – 38% 

People still favor the Patriots to win by -3 or more but there’s been a shift in the winds over night. The Falcons are getting their due and even though it’s 60-40, it’s still far from a landslide. There hasn’t been a Super Bowl in recent memory with such electric QB’s on each side of the ball. Anything can happen and picking a sure thing here really isn’t possible.

OVER/UNDER:  Under 52%; Over 48%

As of February 4 –  Under 53%; Over 47%

The over/under betting is still neck and neck. Yes, a few more people jumped on the over bandwagon this morning but it’s still anybody’s ball game. There have been quite a few games this postseason that have disappointed and not met the hype. Heck, last year’s Super Bowl was a prime example. However, this time around is a bit different. Arguably the best QB to ever play the game is taking on this year’s MVP. This writer loves the over, but only time will truly tell!

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