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The USC Trojans

The USC Trojans

USC Trojans – First Football Season:

USC first fielded a football team in 1888. Still known as the Methodists, USC played its first two games against the Alliance Athletic Club, winning 16–0 and 4-0. Frank Suffel and Henry H. Goddard were playing coaches for the first team which was put together by quarterback Arthur Carroll.

USC Trojans – The Name:

Previously known as the Methodists or Wesleyans, which university officials were not fans of, USC’s “Trojans” moniker originated in 1912.

Warren Bovard, director of athletics and son of university president Dr. George Bovard, asked Los Angeles Times sports editor Owen Bird to select an appropriate nickname.

“I came out with an article prior to a showdown between USC and Stanford in which I called attention to the fighting spirit of USC athletes and named them ‘Trojans.’ From then on, people used the term ‘Trojan’ all the time, and it stuck.

“The term ‘Trojan’ as applied to USC means to me that no matter what the situation, what the odds or what the conditions, the competition must be carried on to the end and those who strive must give all they have and never be weary in doing so.”


 Pac-12, Pac-10, Pac-8, AAWU and PCC

The Home Field:

 Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum (1923-present); capacity: 93,607

The Championships:

National Championships: 11 (1928, 1931, 1932, 1939, 1962, 1967, 1972, 1974, 1978, 2003, 2004*)

Conference Championships: 38

Bowl Appearances: 47


2013 USC Trojans Schedule:

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October 10               vs. Arizona

October 19               @ Notre Dame

October 26              vs. Utah

November 1            vs. Oregon State

November 9            @ California

November 16           vs. Stanford (#5)

November 23           @ Colorado

November 30           vs. UCLA

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