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Weekly Sports Gif Roundup – January 6

Weekly Sports Gif Roundup – January 6

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The Knicks are a mess but at least they’re making us laugh. That’s all they need to do to keep cracking this list. Also in this week’s roundup is the infamous ‘Bama mom, who went to the Sugar Bowl with her kids and taught them a thing or two about how to stick up for your team (and misbehave at a sporting event).

Weekly Sports Gif and Highlight Roundup

LeBron James Leaves Skid Marks on the Hardwood

Often a game commentator would compare LeBron James on a fastbreak to a freight train going full speed. Even when defenders successfully halt him, King James still manages to leave marks suggesting that he’s more of a video game than a human being.

Bat At a Hockey Game

We’re unsure of how that bat got inside Bell Centre, but isn’t that how bats are supposed to be? Popping up out of nowhere and stealing the attention?

Johnny Manziel’s Scramble

Is he leaving the college ranks or not? We’ll surely miss watching him tossing fireworks and putting up highlights every Saturday if he does declare for the NFL draft. He went out with a bang, pulling off this impossible scramble against Duke in the Chick-fil-A Bowl.

The Raging Alabama Fan Mom

One Sooners fan’s Sugar Bowl viewing experience was ruined (or made?) when a female Alabama fan attacked him in the stands. Both persons involved in the incident were caught on video exchanging taunts, until the woman had had enough of it and did what any mother of three would do in such a situation. She jumped and attacked the Sooners fan like a crazed flying lemur transferring from one tree to another.

Mike Smith Own Butt Goal

Phoenix Coyotes’ goalie Mike Smith made a late entry for Bizarre Goal of the Year by unknowingly putting the puck inside the net in overtime against the Sabres. Adding to the situation’s peculiarity is the way Smith scored it. One second he was tracking the puck perfectly and within the blink of an eye, it was caught in his pants. When he retreated to the net, so did the puck, giving the Sarbres the win.

Philip Rivers’ Victory Face

Congratulations to the Chargers who knocked out Cincinnati in their wild card matchup Sunday night. For all of you Chargers’ fans, here’s a Gif of a pumped up Philip Rivers, celebrating like a newborn chick that just broke out of its egg.

Joe Johnson Sinks Buzzer Beater

Nets fans can use every bit of positivity that comes their way this season. Joe Johnson’s game winning jumper that completed an improbable comeback win for Brooklyn over the Thunder provided them with exactly that.

JR Smith Does An Andrea Bargnani

It’s just amazing how Mike Woodson continues to retain his job as coach of the Knicks. His team isn’t winning and they don’t appear to be trying either. Not long ago, Andrea Bargnani hoisted a dumb shot only a dumb player would take, resulting in a dumb loss to the Bucks. We thought that that play pretty much summed up the Knicks season, but they’re the Knicks and bottling their disastrous season in a single play wouldn’t do it justice. The Knicks are so bad they’re actually entertaining to watch.

Kyle Lowry’s Pair Of Shoes Is One Man’s Happiness

Some guys need it more than others. The Raptors fan could’ve caught at least one of Kyle Lowry’s sneakers had he exerted more effort. Instead, a Bulls fan walked away clutching both shoes.

Colin Kaepernick Once Donned A Packers Jersey


The 49ers star QB grew up a Packers fan, as evidenced by this photo in which a young Kaepernick is seen wearing a Brett Favre jersey just outside Lambeau Field. Ironically, the team he followed as a youngster was the same team he’s now beat in two consecutive playoff matches.

Tune back next week for another edition of the roundup, and check out the sportsbook for lines and odds for all of this week’s action.

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