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What contests and prizes are available?

There are two contests you may enter:

- A FREE entry, $5000 prize pool contest is available to enter. You may enter this contest up to 5 times. Prizes are paid in Free Bonus Cash credits as follows:

1st - $2500

2nd - $1000

3rd - $500

4th – 11th: $125 each

The Free Bonus Cash prizes awarded are subject to site bonus terms, including any playthrough requirements and restrictions.

- A $10 per entry, unlimited entries per customer, $500 guaranteed minimum prize pool will be distributed to the highest scoring entries as follows.  Only Real Cash balance is accepted for entry.  You must have at least $10.00 in Real Cash balance to submit an entry.:

    1st place:  50% of prize pool*

    2nd place: 20% of prize pool

    3rd place:  10% of prize pool

    4th place – 7th place:  5% of prize pool

Enter as many times as you would like.  Prizes are paid in real money, added to your account balance after contest completion and finalization.

- In all NFL draft contests, entries with identical (tied) scores may occur. In case of such ties, the prize amounts for the tied entries will be added together and split equally among the tied entries. For example: If 1st place pays $2500 and 2nd place pays $1000 and 2 entries are tied for 1st place, each of the two tied entries will receive $1750 by method of using the calculation: ($2500 + $1000)/2= $1750.

*Note: The prize pool will be at least $500.00 and will be comprised of 87% of the sum of all entry fees

You may join and must complete and save your contest entry up until 10 minutes before the NFL Draft Round 1. In 2022 this date and time is scheduled to be 7:50pm Eastern time, Thursday April 28. If the NFL reschedules the draft date or time, all entries shall remain valid and the entry cutoff will move to 10 minutes prior to the start of the first round of the new date or time. To join a contest, select the [ENTER] button on the contest row on the NFL Draft contest page.

You may edit selections for any of your entries by clicking on one of your entries to edit in the Contest page. Any edits must be saved by the entry cutoff time of 10 minutes prior to the first round of the NFL Draft.


You may enter contests, make entries, edit entries, view entries and view results on the NFL Draft contest page. Results will remain on the site for approximately 2 weeks following the draft.

For each entry, you choose one player for each of the 32 draft slots, from dropdown selectors.

    Perfect pick = 10 points

If you get a slot selection perfectly correct (ie You choose Aidan Hutchinson MICHIGAN EDGE at #1, and in fact Aidan Hutchinson is selected at #1), 10 points are awarded to the entry for that selection.

    One-off pick = 5 points

If you get a slot selection incorrect, but your selection is drafted within one slot higher or lower (ie you choose Kyle Hamilton NOTRE DAME S at #2, but Kyle Hamilton is selected in reality at #3), 5 points are awarded to the entry for that selection.

    Two-off pick = 2 points

If you get a slot selection incorrect, but your selection is drafted within two slots (ie you choose Drake London USC WR at #7, but Drake London is selected in reality at #5), 2 points are awarded to the entry.

    First-Round only rule:

A player must be drafted in the first round of 32 selections to count for scoring points. (Example, if a customer chooses QB Kenny Pickett for slot #32 and Kenny Pickett gets drafted as the 33rd pick overall, the customer does not accrue 5 points for that pick, he gets 0.  This enables the contest to be graded on the night of the draft instead of waiting for second round results the next day.)

The sum of points awarded to all 32 slots is the final score of your entry.


Registration & Eligibility

  • Choose a contest from the contest lobby and click [JOIN] or [JOIN AGAIN] if you have already entered and want to enter again.
  • Some contests allow only one entry per customer, some allow multiple or even unlimited entries.  This is specified on the contest lobby page.
  • Once you enter a contest you are displayed a picks page to make your 32 selections. You can always view and edit your picks up until 10 mins before scheduled draft start.
  • You cannot make a team “nickname” for your entries.  The system will auto-generate an entry number for your entries.  You may always view your entries from the contest page, and final results and prizes will be posted on the Contest pages for approximately 2 weeks after the end of the NFL Draft.
  • Only eligible, registered users and account-holders of this website may join draft contests.  Customers who make entries must meet general eligibility requirements outlined in the website Terms and Conditions page.
  • Entries made from customers who do not meet eligibility requirements are not eligible to win or withdraw contest prize winnings.
  • When a contest is completed, results and payouts will be published on the standings page of that contest.
  • Payouts to winning entries are made automatically by the contest system at the end of each contest, paid to the real money balance of the customer account that made the entry, or in the case of the freeroll free entry tournament, by addition of free bonus bets or bonus cash to the customer account. You do not need to contact support to request payout.
  • Any and all winnings are subject to our withdrawal policies and restrictions.
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