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HF1-MLB Game Lines


Washington Nationals at Baltimore Orioles (5-Inning)

August 14, 2020 EST
Starts In
Washington Nationals (5-Inning)
Baltimore Orioles (5-Inning)

Kansas City Royals at Minnesota Twins (5-Inning)

August 14, 2020 EST
Starts In
Kansas City Royals (5-Inning)
Minnesota Twins (5-Inning)

Milwaukee Brewers at Chicago Cubs (5-Inning)

August 14, 2020 EST
Starts In
Milwaukee Brewers (5-Inning)
Chicago Cubs (5-Inning)

Texas Rangers at Colorado Rockies (5-Inning)

August 14, 2020 EST
2020-08-1420:40 EST
Texas Rangers (5-Inning)
Colorado Rockies (5-Inning)

Seattle Mariners at Houston Astros (5-Inning)

August 14, 2020 EST
2020-08-1421:10 EST
Seattle Mariners (5-Inning)
Houston Astros (5-Inning)

San Diego Padres at Arizona Diamondbacks (5-Inning)

August 14, 2020 EST
2020-08-1421:40 EST
San Diego Padres (5-Inning)
Arizona Diamondbacks (5-Inning)

Los Angeles Dodgers at Los Angeles Angels (5-Inning)

August 14, 2020 EST
2020-08-1421:40 EST
Los Angeles Dodgers (5-Inning)
Los Angeles Angels (5-Inning)

Oakland Athletics at San Francisco Giants (5-Inning)

August 14, 2020 EST
2020-08-1421:45 EST
Oakland Athletics (5-Inning)
San Francisco Giants (5-Inning)
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