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2014 Super Bowl Post-Game Analysis

2014 Super Bowl Post-Game Analysis

Super Bowl XLVIII Post-Game Breakdown

The Seattle Seahawks put an end to the offense vs. defense debates after fashioning out a tour-de-force defensive performance in the Super Bowl XLVIII, where they absolutely crushed the Denver Broncos, 43-8.

Seattle’s linebacker Malcolm Smith was awarded the Super Bowl MVP award. Smith scored a touchdown off  an interception of Peyton Manning in the first half and later recovered a fumble by Demaryius Thomas. Smith was among the players in the “Field Any Other Player” group of the odds to win Super Bowl MVP, which had a price of +2,500.

The bad omen seemed to have been there for the Broncos when an early miscue resulted in a rare safety score for the Seahawks, who took the 2-0 lead and never looked back. That manner of how the first points of the game was scored was priced at +4,000 in Top Bet sportsbook.

Majority of the bettors went for the Broncos to win in the money line and even more put their money on the Broncos against the spread. The game appeared to be over as early as the third quarter when Percy Harvin returned the first kickoff of the 2nd half for a touchdown to increase the Seahawks lead, 28-0.

With Seattle ML and ATS bettors sitting pretty with a large lead (Seattle was +2.5 underdogs before the game started), the only bets  most people were concerned about were the Totals and the game props. Over bettors cashed in at the payout window with the Total score hitting 51 points, which was slightly over the pre-game line of 47.5.

Here are a few more prop bets with its corresponding results and odds:

Odds On How Games 1st Point Is Scored

Seattle Seahawks Safety (+4000)

*Broncos center Manny Ramirez snapped the ball high and past Peyton Manning and landed into the end zone before Knowshon Moreno dived for the ball.

Will there be a Successful 2 Pt Conversion

Yes (+300)

Player to Score the 1st Touchdown ( All Bets Action )

Marshawn Lynch (+550)

*Lynch score the game’s first TD in the second quarter, expanding the Seahawks’ lead, 14-0.

Will the Broncos Score in All 4 Quarters?

No (-250)

*The Broncos scored all of their eight points in the third quarter.

Will the Seahawks Score in All 4 Quarters?

Yes (+230)

Total Fumbles Lost by Both Teams

Over 1.5 (+120)

*Demaryius Thomas and Manning


The Super Bowl is over, but that doesn’t mean the sports world will be on hibernate-mode. Check out the latest betting odds and lines on the other sports leagues’ games at Top Bet sportsbook.

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