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Best NFL Survivor Pool Contest Site 2020

Best NFL Survivor Pool Contest Site 2020

After the most uncertain stretch of professional sports in the history of this wacky planet the NFL season is about to begin. Did you really think it wouldn’t? Nothing can stop the NFL moneytrain, but it’s not only the networks, advertisers, and team owners who get to cash in – YOU can too!

By joining the right NFL survivor pool contest you can earn some much needed dough along with some serious bragging rights amongst your peers. But which site should you choose? OK, admittedly as the sports betting news resource for America’s favorite online sportsbook we’re biased, but when you have a look at the contest breakdown there’s no denying that this is the only pool you need to join this football season. Here’s why.

Why TopBet’s NFL Survivor Pool Contest is Your Best Option for the 2020-21 NFL Football Season

1. $50,000 Reasons

The sportsbook is throwing a whopping $50,000 into this season’s pool. How will it be distributed? $25,000 will be doled out to all surviving entries after Week 8 of the NFL regular season. This year, Week 8 concludes on November 2nd, although that may change if there is a slight delay (doubtful) due to health protocols. The remaining $25,000 will be paid out to the eventual contest winner (or winners).

2. Ten FREE Entries

There is ZERO COST to enter, so there is no logical reason not to hop into this survivor pool. In fact, you’re allowed up to TEN FREE ENTRIES. However you need to get moving. Not only does the contest entry close at 10 PM Eastern time on Monday September 14th, you will want to enter as early as possible so that you have more teams to choose from – and therefore more chances to win.

3. UNLIMITED Entry Options Too!

Are ten entries not enough for your tastes? Fret not, because this NFL Survivor Pool contest site is offering unlimited entries for those who want to invest in their picks. There are two options; a $10 entry fee (with $1,000 guaranteed minimum prize pool) and a $20 entry fee (with $2,000 guaranteed minimum prize pool). Click here for details.

4. You Actually Have a Shot at Winning

You’ve had other online resources point you to what they deem to be the best NFL Survivor Pool site. On the surface it may seem as if there are better options, with $100K, $200K, and even $1 million prize pools on offer. But guess what? Your odds of winning a reasonable payout are very slim because they are far too many entrants.

These online resources have affiliate deals in place. They get revenue by sending as many contest entrants to NFL Survivor Pool contest sites (such as DraftKings, etc.) as possible. We’re talking tens or hundreds of thousands of participants. That may be fine if you’re looking for prize money to cover a cup of coffee, but if you’re thinking of using the proceeds to pay for a week in Tahiti then you want to choose a site that has a mid-range prize pool value, and one without affiliate deals in place.

TopBet has nailed the NFL Survivor Pool contest formula, with a $50,000 prize offering, limited FREE entries, and staggered $10 and $20 unlimited entries. This brings in enough participants to keep things fun and interesting, but mitigated enough to greatly increase a savvy player’s (YOU!) odds of winning some respectable cash, even if not the big enchilada at the end of the season.

Other NFL Survivor Pool websites (and their affiliates) may not like the fact that we’re speaking the truth, but so be it. We’re just looking out for you!

5. It’s Beginner Friendly

One thing keeps beginners from joining real money (even with FREE entry) NFL Survivor Pool contests – intimidation. If your only experience with an NFL survivor pool is one conducted around the office or amongst your friends then the online experience may seem intimidating. Other contest sites may not recognize this, but TopBet does. That’s why TopBet has put together a detailed yet easy-to-read support guide for how to play this season’s NFL Survivor Pool contest. Everything you need to know can be found in this beginner-friendly guide.


Best NFL Survivor Pool Site 2020

What are you waiting for? Click the banner above to enter!

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