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Craziest Prop Bets for Super Bowl 51 – February 5, 2017

Craziest Prop Bets for Super Bowl 51 – February 5, 2017

There’s a saying that goes “With a great Super Bowl matchup, comes a crazy list of prop bets.” It was said by the late great…

Okay, no… there’s no such thing, but you can be sure that in every single Super Bowl game, there are some that are definitely not your everyday prop bets. We’ve listed some of them below. Read on!

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Craziest Props Bets for Super Bowl 51

Will Lady Gaga have a waldrobe malfunction?

YES +1,400
NO -3,000

Do you wish Lady Gaga to go all Janet Jackson in Super Bowl XXXVIII on us? Or something similar? If you have the hots for Gaga, you know which side to be on.

Just remember, though, that due to all the unwanted attention such events may cause, as evidenced in the aftermath of Jackson’s “waldrobe malfunction,” artists and organizers have since then became extra cautious and prepared for anything.

Will Lady Gaga say “Trump” during the halftime show?

YES -140
NO +110

She has shown plenty of tendencies of becoming an activist. Her song “Born This Way”, which implies being proud whatever your sexuality may be, is exhibit A. With President Donald Trump drawing ire of millions of Americans due to his controversial visions, she’ll probably mention the Donald’s name at least once.

What will the prominent material be made of on Lady Gaga’s first outfit during halftime Of Super Bowl 51?

Cotton / Polyester / Tweed EVEN
Spandex or Lycra +200
Fur or fake Fur +250
Leather or Suede (Real or fake) +350

Those are the “safest” choices, but were talking about Lady freakin’ Gaga here. Sure, she has toned down in recent years, but were still putting her infamous meat dress as a possibility. Go to one of the links in the chart above or here to view the full list.

What will Lady Gaga’s first song be during the halftime Of Super Bowl 51?

Field (Any other song) +220
Bad Romance +140
The Edge of Glory +120
Born This Way +600
Just Dance +1,000
Applause +1,000
Poker Face +700
Paparazzi +1,500

The field is obviously a good, safe choice. However, in an event as big as the Super Bowl, artists will usually stick with their material.

“Just Dance” has the party vibe in it, while “The Edge of Glory” fits the event’s championship game atmosphere, which should be a good starter for the halftime show as well.

What will Lady Gaga’s hair color be during the halftime show?

Field (any other color) +200
Blonde / Yellow -600
Brown +350
White +800
Green +1,200
Pink +1,200
Blue +1,200
Purple +1,600
Orange +1,600

Blonde is the heavy favorite, but Gaga already had that hair when she sang the national anthem at last year’s event. Considering how much she likes to mix things up and that this is touted to be a big performance, we can probably expect her to go with a different hue.

Will President Donald Trump (@realDonaldTrump) tweet three or more times during Super Bowl 51?

YES -150
NO +120

You know how much the Donald likes his Twitter, right? If you do, you must know how less he doesn’t give a you-know-what about the time of his tweets (and what the content is).

Who will have more: LeBron James points versus the New York Knicks or Matt Ryan completions?

James is averaging 27.7 points per game in his 46 career games against the Knicks, while Ryan is netting 26.5 completions in his two career matchups with the Patriots.

It’s also interesting how aggressive these two dudes can be. LeBron is trying to will the Cavaliers out of their current slump (7-8 record in January), while the QB is playing in the biggest game of his life.

Who will have more: Kevin Durant points and rebounds (+3.5) versus the Sacramento Kings or Tom Brady pass attempts (-3.5)?

Durant is averaging 27.8 points and 6.8 rebounds in his 31 career games against the Kings, which is equal to 34.6 points and rebounds. Brady, meanwhile, is throwing the ball 39.3 times per game in his six previous appearances at the Super Bowl.

Will any player leave the Super Bowl with a concussion?

YES +130
NO -160

Yep, CONCUSSION. We’re talking about crazy prop bets, right? This right here takes the cake.

The last two Super Bowls both had concussion cases, although none were fully taken out of the game. During SB XLIX, Pats receiver Julian Edelman was hit in the head in the early parts of the fourth quarter and was able to come back and record a go-ahead TD grab with only two minutes left.

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