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NFL Super Bowl 50 Props Update – February 1, 2016

NFL Super Bowl 50 Props Update – February 1, 2016

As we all know, the Super Bowl is the stage for the NFL’s much-hyped and heavily-anticipated championship game. But as the event has become a grand spectacle of sport and entertainment alike, the program’s halftime show has turned into one of the show’s highlights that even non-football fans can get on board with.

The main draw of the halftime show, obviously, is the live performance by a chart-topping musical artist. At Super Bowl 50, British hit-makers Coldplay and diva extraordinaire Beyoncé will share the stage in Santa Clara. We here at TopBet recognize even this portion of the event, and we’ve got three enticing prop bets for you to wager on as such.


Let’s now take a look at possible scenarios that Ms. Knowles and Chris Martin’s crew will conjure up for bettors like you to actually place stakes on and hopefully win big off of this February 7th. And if you’re still looking for actual game-related prop bets for the biggest sporting event of the year, check out our full list of links for the other available Super Bowl 50 prop bets at the end of this article, as well as our latest updates on the odds for the Super Bowl 50 MVP Award.

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SB 50 Props Update: Halftime Show Edition


Sunday will mark Beyoncé’s second Super Bowl halftime show appearance since her well-received Super Bowl XLVII presentation along with her former group members of Destiny’s Child. We all know Queen B will kill it again in Santa Clara, but what color kicks will she rock under the NFL limelight?

The first time around, Beyoncé donned a sizzling all-black attire from head-to-toe, which strangely coincided with the unexpected blackout that immediately followed her stunning performance. With that in mind, the line is currently EVEN at her wearing black heels once more. But considering that this is the Super Bowl’s golden anniversary, one could also argue that the multi-platinum recording artist will strap on gold shoes (+300) for the occasion.

There’s also a variety of more common tones for Bey’s footwear that’s worth banking on, like white (+250) and silver/grey (+450). Then you could always play the rest of the field with any other color at +700, making this one vibrant and “irreplaceable” wager that can boot your SB 50 betting experience to another level.

Super Bowl Debut Single

Super Bowl 50 Prop Bets Updates - February 1, 2016

Now here’s a prop bet that will put “smiles upon the faces” of Coldplay’s biggest fans (that are also into football, of course). The seven-time Grammy Award-winning act from the UK will travel across the Atlantic to perform at the Super Bowl for the first time ever, and the entire world – including the oddsmakers in Vegas – will be curious and eager to find out exactly which one of their numerous tracks will kick-off their performance in Levi’s Stadium.

An attractive choice here would be their breakthrough single from their debut album, “Yellow”. The color from that song’s title is relatively similar to that of Super Bowl 50’s golden theme, and the track is also fittingly the band’s first-career single. Having said that, “Yellow” is currently priced at +1,000 to be the lead-off track for halftime’s festivities.

Then again, Coldplay has had several other chart-toppers that they could go with to start things off and get the crowd pumped-up all the same. Their best-selling single to date, “Paradise”, is set at +800 for the moment. Meanwhile, last year’s smash hit “Adventure of a Lifetime”, is the first single off their latest album, and is rightfully the +200 frontrunner that the group could likely open the halftime show with.

There are a total of nine other standouts from Coldplay’s discography found in our full list of candidates, as well as the option to play the field for any other song that’s found their catalog. You can check out our full listing of this particular prop bet here together with many other fun Super Bowl 50 bets that are worth checking out and banking on just the same.

Hov-time Show?

Super Bowl 50 Prop Bets Updates - February 1, 2016

What would a Beyoncé blockbuster be without the mention of her husband and rapper-slash hip-hop mogul Jay Z? Shawn Carter put his boo on the map by turning her into a worldwide pop phenomenon with the single “Crazy in Love” back in 2003. Soon after, they eventually tied the knot before he presumably “put a ring” on her finger (not a Super Bowl ring, though, mind you) and sealed the deal.

Over the years, the famed power couple has been active in touring together, performing their respective and collaborative hits for one fantastic concert after another. And with a stage as prolific as Super Bowl 50 on the horizon, will Hova make a special guest appearance in support of his loving wife and to the delight of the Bay Area crowd?

If you consider how frequent Jay and Bey have been touring together of late, the +220 price of them sharing the stage in Levi’s Stadium does sound like a sweet offer indeed. However, the head of Def Jam/Roc-A-Fella/Tidal is one busy man, even judging from that brief lineup of his active enterprises alone. As such, calling Jigga’s bluff at -300 and ultimately betting that he won’t be performing in Super Bowl 50 is just as wise an option.

*Other Prop Bets Worth Keeping a Tab On*

There are plenty more fun Super Bowl 50 prop bets worth take a shot at here at TopBet, like whether or not CBS’ resident officiating analyst Mike Carey will be wrong with his analysis of a particular challenged play, and how many viewers in the United States will tune in to the big game on Sunday.

Not only that, but our site also has several other SB 50 categories that you can place some stakes at, such as player-specific in-game odds and even cross-sport props. Feel free to check them all out from our list of direct links to those prop bets below, and we’ll see you on February 7th with your multitude of bets all lined up just in time for all of Super Bowl 50’s festivities.

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So, what are you waiting for? Create a betting account now to cash in from any and all of these Super Bowl 50 props before Sunday’s kickoff!




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