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How to Bet on the Super Bowl

How to Bet on the Super Bowl

Super Bowl XLVIII kicks off on February 2, 2014 in New York and everyone will be betting on the game. Read this Super Bowl betting guide, brush up on the betting terms, and you’ll have a competitive edge that will help you fleece your friends and make it easier for you to bet on the Super Bowl online.

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Broncos vs. Seahawks: Super Bowl XLVIII betting guide & tips

Whether it’s figuring out what a prop bet is, or how to find stats to help you make informed betting decisions, we’ve got you covered.

How do Super Bowl lines and odds work?


This  is how the lines and odds are displayed on the Super Bowl betting page.

Spread betting on the Super Bowl

The spread tells us which team is favored to win the game. Betting lines are subject to change in the result of an injury or based on how many people bet on either side, so please check on the Super Bowl Betting page for the most current odds.

You’ve probably heard that Seattle has the #1 defense in the league and that Denver has the #1 offense. Many trust that the stronger team defensively will come out on top, however, popular opinion believes in Peyton and his offense as Denver is favored by 2.5 points. You can agree or disagree and that’s a beauty of spread betting since the spread helps if you’re supporting the underdog.

Next to the spread you’ll see the price, this is what the sportsbook will pay you for your bet. If the price is negative (-) it means your winnings will be less than what you bet and if it is positive (+) you will win more than you bet. Most of the time you’ll see a price of -110 which means a $110 bet wins you $100, or a $55 bet wins you $50, or a $220 bet wins you $200, etc.

  • If you bet on Denver to cover the spread it means you think Denver will win by 3 points or more. The price means that if for example you bet $120 on it, you would win $100.
  • If you bet on Seattle to cover the spread it means that you’ll win even if Seattle losses by two points, which is their handicap (2.5 points). If for example you bet $100, you would win $100 with this pricing.

Moneyline betting on the Super Bowl

[sc:NFL240banner ]If you aren’t concerned with the spread and are solely interested in who will win the superbowl, then betting on the moneyline is what you’re looking to do, as it is the easiest way to bet on the team you prefer to win.

The price is different for each team because one of the two teams are favored to win, thus, betting on the favored team will result in a lower payout.

  • If you bet on Denver to win straight up (SU) it means you think Denver will win the Super Bowl. With a price of -145 a bet of $145 means you will win $100.
  • If you bet on Seattle to win straight up (SU) it means you think Seattle will win the Super Bowl. With a price of +125 a bet of $100  means you will win $125.

Betting on the total points scored in the Super Bowl

The listed Over/Under is how many points bookmakers expect in the game, both teams combined. In the case of a 47.5 point total, to win on this total point bet requires you to predict that the total will be either over or under 47.5 total points. We recommend checking the Super Bowl Betting page for the most current odds.

  • If you bet on the Over it means you think both teams combined will score more than 48 points. With a price of -110 and a bet of $110 you will win$100.
  • If you bet on the Under it means you think both teams combined will score 47 points or less. With a price of -110 and a bet of $110 you will win $100.

How do I research which team will win the Super Bowl?

puppy-super-bowl-predictionsWe all want to win when we bet, unfortunately the football gods make it tough for anyone to predict what’s going to happen. This year we have two very different teams who have dominated their conferences in very different ways. Seattle made their way to the top with their unmatched defense, while Denver dominated teams with their unstoppable offense.

Here are a couple ways you can improve your chances of making the best Super Bowl bets:

Who are experts predicting to win the Super Bowl?

Every expert, TV pundit, former player, current player, politician, and neighbor has an opinion about this game. Use them at your own risk because many have their own biases and personal agendas, while other NFL insiders, will predict winners based on their knowledge of the teams, statistics and conversations with other NFL insiders.

Most of the juiciest team insights derive from these off-the-record conversations, so search for columns written by each city’s respective beat writers, from ESPN, FOX, NBC, or from Sports Illustrated reporters who have close relationships with the players and coaches.

Twitter can also be a great resource for catching candid comments that most likely would be replaced with comments fit-for-print.

Religiously read injury and weather updates

One creaky neck Peyton Manning mention from practice or concerns about Marshawn Lynch’s hamstring and the game favorite can flip in the other direction with the spread moving with it. Team sites will publish official injury reports but they will usually be very cryptic and uninformative until game day. Team beat writers and fantasy sports sites can be great resources because they’ll cut through the bull shit that most coaches will leave for the media, and provide insight into how this injury could impact the game.

Percy-Harvin-superbowl-injuryWhether  or not Seattle’s All-Pro receiver Percy Harvin will play, could potentially be a game changer. Keep an eye out for details on his recovery status from the concussion he endured, minutes into Seattle’s game against the Saints.

Weather can be your friend or foe depending on who you’re cheering for.

We’ve heard about Manning’s freezing arm in cold weather games. Whether this is true or false, you can read the whole story, with statistics to back it up here: Cold weather Super Bowl analysis

The unpredictable weather of Seattle’s home turf  has built up resilience for the team to perform regardless of bad weather. With a run-first offense, a QB that can ad-lib with his legs, and a hard-nosed defense, the Seahawks would love nothing more than the opportunity to take away Peyton’s long ball.

Research who will win the Super Bowl, statistically

Seasoned bettors do all of the above but also do their own research looking at a couple of key factors:

  • How did the team perform against comparable teams?
    • For the Seahawks: games against the Saints and Colts
    • For the Broncos: games against the Ravens and Chiefs
  • How accurate have the spreads been when this team plays?
    • For the Seahawks: 11-5 against the spread / 1-0 record as an underdog
    • For the Broncos: 10-6 against the spread / 10-6 record as a favorite
  • How has the head coach performed in the playoffs?
    • Seattle’s Pete Carroll has a 5-4 postseason record
    • Denver’s John Fox has a 8-5 postseason record
  • What was the team’s biggest strength this season?
    • Seattle faced 11 of the top 15 defensive teams this season
    • The Broncos only faced 4 of the top 15 defensive teams this season.

There’s an endless amount of stats you can dig up. You can view an extensive list of stats and trends for this Super Bowl match-up with Top Bet’s matchup tool.



Here are some key trends available in the tool:

Seattle is 11-2 SU in its last 13 games and the total has gone OVER in their last 5 games.

Denver is 6-1 SU in its last 7 games and the total has gone UNDER in Denver’s last 5 games.

How do Super Bowl prop bets work?superbowl-cointoss

This game is as much about how well Peyton Manning performs as it is about who wins the game. Wouldn’t you want to bet on how well he’ll play?

Majority of bettors favor predicting how many points will be scored, the winning margin, who the Super Bowl XLVIII MVP will be, as well as, which players will score.

Prop bets are made for these types of bets. Here’s some of the most popular Super Bowl XLVIII proposition bets:

How do I get a free Super Bowl bet?

There are many ways to bet on the Super Bowl, but the best way is always to bet on Super Bowl XLVIII for free, you can do that at Top Bet. Every player gets a free $10 Super Bowl prop bet. You’ll need some cash in your account to claim it and to make this deal even sweeter, Top Bet provides new customers with a 50% up to $250 free bonus on your first deposit.

This means that if you want to bet on the Super Bowl and do so at Top Bet, your $50 deposit gets you $25 free PLUS a $10 Super Bowl prop Bet PLUS an $10 NBA free bet on Thursday.

Get ready for the most exciting Super Bowl of the decade between #1 Seattle versus #1 Denver by opening an account at Top Bet now.

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