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Betting props, sometimes call “prop bets” or “proposition bets,” are betting lines set on events or performances that are not directly related to the final outcomes of a particular game or sport.

As limitless as our imaginations, you can find prop bets on everything from the amount of blocks Kevin Durant will have in an NBA season, to the amount of seconds Christina Aguilera will hold the last note of the American national anthem at the Super Bowl.

Read on for answers to several common questions about sports props.

Question: What sports have sports props?

Answer: all of them! A sports prop is a simple catch-all term for bets on things other than who will win or lose a particular game, so you can find them on any sport, and even on some pop culture events like elections or award shows.

Question: Are prop bets profitable?

Answer: just like any other sports bets, sports prop bets can be very profitable – if you pick winners!

The fun part about prop bets is that they allow you to follow the element of a game or a player that you are most interested in. If you don’t know or care if the Boston Red Sox will win a game, but you like John Lester to strike out lots of batters, you can simply bet on Lester’s strike out totals, rather than on the Red Sox to win.

Question: What kind of prop bets are there?

Answer: if you can imagine it, there is probably a prop bet for it. For several examples of sports props from across the world of sports, check out our comprehensive prop betting guide here.

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